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All prices are inclusive of GST

FAST TURN AROUND: Vehicle fleet ID stickers are posted within 48 hours (Monday - Friday)


REGULATION SIZING: Non reflective & reflective Vehicle ID stickers are supplied with a choice of 150mm, 200mm or 250mm lettering height. 


4 or less letters/numbers:

150mm text height - Finished overall background size: 400x180mm

200mm text height - Finished overall background size: 540x240mm

250mm text height - Finished overall background size: 290x700mm

5-6 or less letters/numbers:

150mm text height - Finished overall background size: 600x180mm

200mm text height - Finished overall background size: 800x240mm

250mm text height - Finished overall background size: 1000x700mm

READY TO INSTALL: Reflective & non-reflective vehicle ID number stickers are  ready to be installed as one sticker with all lettering correctly spaced, simply peel & stick.


QUALITY NON-REFLECTIVE VINYL: Not reflective vehicle ID stickers are cut from a marine grade Avery pre-coloured self adhesive vinyl. Pre-coloured vinyl is the highest rated vinyl for withstanding excessive UV exposure & heat.

Up to 8 years outdoor durability.

QUALITY CLASS 2 REFLECTIVE:  Class 2 reflective ID stickers are produced with an Avery Engineer Grade self adhesive vinyl. It is a high quality, durable, enclosed lens retroreflective.

• Omni-Directional technology provides consistent performance in different orientations
• Designed for long term durability on safety devices worldwide
• Pattern-free face allows for clean graphic imaging
• 24 hour performance - uniform day and night visibility

Up to 7 years outdoor durability.

QUALITY CLASS 1 REFLECTIVE: Class 1 reflective ID stickers are produced with 3M Diamond Grade™ self adhesive vinyl. It is constructed from prismatic optical lenses for optimal performance. 100 percent light efficient, the optical elements return almost 60 percent of available light, nearly double that of traditional prismatics.

• AS/NZS 1906.1 approved
• Innovative full cube corner technology gives outstanding performance at every angle and every viewing distance
• A highly fluorescent layer generates extra light in daylight and twilight hours
• Optimal performance in the most challenging environments and weather conditions
• Exceptional performance in short, medium and long viewing distances
• Wider distribution of light increases visibility for truck and larger vehicle drivers

Up to 12 years outdoor durability.


All reflective vinyls have a permanent, very strong adhesive. Class #1 being more sticky than class #2 though both are equally destructive on vehicle paint work. In some cases if a reflective vinyl has been stuck to a vehicle for a long period of time it will become completely unable to be removed, even when stuck for a short time the adhesive may remove paint work. 

The optional underlay is an additional piece of vinyl laid under the reflective so that contact with the vehicle is with a standard vinyl adhesive rather than the reflective. The vinyl underlay is an air-release vinyl also making them easier to apply.

Stickerman can not guarantee that the underlay will completely protect your paint work as external weather factors, vehicle paint work and time frame all can cause different things to occur but generally if a vehicles paint work is in good condition when a sticker is applied then a ordinary sticker (underlay) should be able to be removed without damage where a reflective vinyl will likely cause some damage and will be a right pain the ...


Artwork & Design


All vehicle ID stickers are produced using a Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold solid font as shown in the product images. The layout will be created exactly to specifications ordered within the product, if no layout proof is ordered Stickerman will take no responsibility for ordering of incorrect sizing or layout specifications. 

If you require a layout proof sent to you this will be emailed within 48 hours (Monday-Friday) the proof will include a layout based on the information you have provided.

Should you require additional proofs they will incurr an additional $11.00 inclusive of gst per proof payable prior to production.