Transfer/cut lettering and number stickers are solid colour vinyl and have no background. The stickers are supplied with an application/transfer paper ready to be installed as one sticker.

Perfect for window graphics, trading hours, vehicle & truck signage, windscreen stickers, boat names, machinery & equipment.

**There are limitations to how small and/or detailed cut stickers can be, please see Sizing in next tab.**

 All pricing is inclusive of GST



Cut/transfer stickers are machine cut with a tiny blade, the unwanted background vinyl is then manually removed before an application paper is applied. Due to this process there are limitations to how small and detailed stickers can be cut. 

For all online orders:

THIN LINES/TEXT - Must be at least 2mm in thickness

TEXT HEIGHT - All lettering must be 20mm or larger in height

It is possible to cut text smaller depending on the font used, generally text in all capitals and a bold sans serif font can be a minimum of 7mm in height, lettering any smaller or detailed simply will not cut correctly. 

If lettering smaller than 20mm high is required please email your file directly to we will test cut a small section of the file to confirm it will be ok for transfer/cut stickers & provide a custom quote as additional charges apply for small or complex cuts.

Please Note: The smaller the text or thinner the line the less adhesive or 'sticker' there is to bond with the surface placed on to. Thin lines may curl up over time or small text could be removed with cleaning/rubbing as there simply is not enough adhesive to hold it in place. 


2 Colours

When 2 colour stickers are created each colour is cut separately and the two colours are manually put together, when the intended design has overlapping colours the first colour will be placed on top of the second colour.  



All cut stickers are produced with long term outdoor marine grade self adhesive vinyls.

Standard Colours are cut with Avery 700 Premium vinyl - 7+ years outdoors

Metallic colours are cut with Avery 900 Premium Cast vinyl - 10+ years outdoors


Cut Ready Vector Files

A cut ready file is an .eps, .ai or .svg file made up of vector graphics only.

- If creating artwork using Canva a .svg file must be provided.

No proof will be sent for artwork that is supplied as cut ready.

  • No bleed is required for cut/transfer stickers
  • Fonts must converted to outline
  • Any overlaps must be a united compound shape

If an uploaded file is not a cuttable vector Stickerman will contact you and give you the opportunity to adjust the file. Any adjusted files will need to be emailed directly to In the event a file cannot be adjusted by the client Stickerman can provide a custom quotation to create a correct file for transfer/cut stickers.


Stickerman cannot be held responsible for any work produced with artwork that is not submitted in line with the artwork terms. By submitting orders with Stickerman you agree that all artwork is provided correctly and hereby release and indemnify Stickerman Australia Pty Ltd from any liability in respect to work affected by failure to comply with the required artwork terms.


Layout Required


Typing and sizing of lettering and numbers is included within the product price. If you require a design proof sent please select it as an option when ordering.

The design will be created exactly to specification stated including stretching text to fit the size ordered. If no layout proof is selected Stickerman will take no responsibility for incorrect sizing or layout specifications. 


Layout Proof


A layout proof will give you the peace of mind that your order is going to look exactly as you intend. All layout proofs will be sent via email within 48 hours (Monday-Friday) of the order being placed. The proof will include a layout based on the information you have provided.

Should you require additional proofs they will incur an additional $11.00 inclusive of GST per proof. 


Turnaround Time

General turn around time for transfer/cut stickers is 1-2 days with the exception of orders over x20 stickers and multiple colours. If your order is urgent please let us know.