Transform your style with our tailor-made transfer/cut decals, made from premium pre-coloured vinyl for a smooth, seamless finish. Each sticker comes with transfer paper for easy application, allowing for a seamless installation of a unified design.

Key Features:

Single Colour Stickers:

  • Solid pre-coloured vinyl with no background.
  • Supplied with application/transfer paper for easy installation
Two-Colour Stickers: 
  • Each colour is cut separately and manually assembled.
  • Overlapping designs feature the first colour atop the second. 
High Quality Material: 
    • All cut/transfer stickers are made with long-term outdoor self-adhesive vinyls.
    • Pre-coloured vinyl is the highest rated vinyl for withstanding excessive UV exposure, excessive heat and salt water. 
    Quick Turnaround: 
      • General turnaround time for cut/transfer stickers is 2-3 days and posted on Tuesdays & Thursdays weekly.
      • Exceptions apply for orders exceeding x30 stickers or involving multiple colours.
      • Urgent orders are accommodated; please inform us of your timeline.

      Transform your ideas into vibrant, long-lasting designs with our custom transfer/cut stickers.

      **There are limitations to how small and/or detailed cut stickers can be, please see Sizing in next tab.** 


      Sizing Guidelines for Cut/Transfer Stickers:

      When it comes to cut/transfer stickers, precision matters. Our process involves machine cutting with a tiny blade, manual removal of unwanted background vinyl, and application paper for a seamless finish. However, there are limitations, especially for small and detailed designs.

      Thin Lines/Text:

      • Thickness: Must be at least 2mm for optimal cutting precision.

      Text Height:

      • All lettering must be 20mm or larger in height.

      Special Considerations for Text:

      • Depending on the font used, text in all capitals and a bold sans-serif font can be a minimum of 10mm in height.
      • For lettering smaller than 20mm, especially in complex fonts, please email your file directly for a test cut and a custom quote, as additional charges may apply.

      Important Note:

      • The smaller the text or thinner the line, the less adhesive or 'sticker' there is to bond with the surface.
      • Thin lines may curl over time, and small text could be susceptible to removal with cleaning or rubbing due to the limited adhesive holding it in place. 

      Cut ready files

      Cut Ready Vector Files Guidelines:

      To ensure seamless production of your transfer/cut stickers, follow these guidelines for cut-ready vector files:

      File Formats:

      • Acceptable formats include .eps, .ai, .pdf or .svg files with vector graphics only.
      • If using Canva, provide a .svg file for compatibility.

      Bleed and Fonts:

      • No bleed is required for cut/transfer stickers.
      • Fonts must be converted to outlines 

      Overlaps and Shapes:

      • Any overlaps must form a united compound shape. 

      Adjustments and Communication:

      • Stickerman will contact you if the uploaded file is not cuttable.
      • Adjusted files should be emailed directly.
      • If the client can't adjust the file, Stickerman can provide a custom quotation to create a correct file for cut/transfer stickers.

      Stickerman operates under the assumption that all artwork is provided correctly. By submitting orders, you release and indemnify Stickerman Australia Pty Ltd from any liability arising from non-compliance with the required artwork terms. Stickerman cannot be held responsible for work affected by failure to adhere to these guidelines.

      Layout Proof

      Optional layout proof

      A layout proof is a digital copy of your ordered stickers sent via email. The design will be created using the text, font & colour as ordered.

       Design Proof Process:

      • You will receive a digital design proof within 48 hours at the email address provided during the order.
      • Kindly check your email, including spam/junk folders.
      • No order will progress to production until the design proof has been confirmed via return email.
      • If additional changes and proofs are required additional charges will apply.

        Order Closure Policy:

        • Stickerman will send x2 reminder emails for proof approval.
        • If no response is received within 45 days, your order will be closed.
        • No refund will be provided after this period.

        Non-vector files

        "Make my non-vector file cuttable"

        A non-vector file, such as .png, .jpg, .jpeg, or any image not made up of vector graphics, can be converted into an editable vector file for transfer/cut stickers. Here's how the process works:

        Tracing Process:

        • Your supplied image and/or text will be re-drawn using specialised design software
        • Manual cleanup will be performed for optimal cutting output.

        Best files for Conversion:

        • Those with high colour contrast work best, especially black and white.
        • Images must be clear and undistorted for successful conversion.
        • Large, clear high resolution text is more accurately converted.

          File Rejection Policy: 

          Stickerman reserves the right to reject image/text conversions outside the allocated time frame. In case of extended conversion time, you will be contacted before proceeding.