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Full colour Instagram stickers are made: Instagram symbol being a full colour 5 year laminated print & the text cut from a solid pre-coloured 5 year outdoor vinyl.  The finished sticker will have no background. 

SIZING: Your designer will proportionally fit your supplied text into the maximum width of the sticker ordered. If your handle is short your finished sticker may not extend to the full length ordered, if your handle is long the text may be condensed or dropped in height to fit within the max size. If you are concerned about sizing it is recommended you request a design proof be sent when ordering.

FAST TURN AROUND: Full colour Instagram stickers are produced within 24 hours (Monday - Friday) and posted on Tuesdays & Thursdays weekly.

READY TO INSTALL: Full colour Instagram stickers are individually cut lettering with no background. The stickers are supplied with an application/transfer paper and ready to be installed as one sticker with all lettering correctly spaced. 

All pricing is inclusive of GST

Layout Proof

A layout proof is a digital copy of your ordered stickers sent via email. The design will be created using your registration number, the font & colour chosen to scale at regulation sizing. 

All layout proofs will be sent via email within 48 hours (Monday-Friday). If a layout proof is sent your order will not progress until you have given an email back to confirm the layout is correct. 

Should you require changes and additional proofs they will incur an additional $22.00 inclusive of GST per proof.