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Computer cut stickers, also known as die-cut stickers, transfer stickers, pro cut stickers or laser cut stickers are made through a computer-controlled vinyl cutting process.  


Generally only one or two colours the sticker is cut from a single coloured roll of vinyl with a very small blade, the undesired vinyl is then removed and an application tape is applied. Where more than one colour is required each colour is cut separately and hand placed together by our trained staff. The finished sticker has absolutely no background when applied. 


Great for indoors or outdoors on vehicles, boats & jet ski’s, windows, signage or products. 


Perfect for smooth surfaces – Die-Cut stickers are designed to be applied to smooth gloss surfaces such as glass, painted metal, most painted plastics.


Marine quality waterproof with a 5+ Year Outdoor Life – No need to worry about durability, we use materials built for outdoors & the water.


Available in a wide variety of pre-determined colours including metallic grey, gold, silver and matte black. Colour matching is not available with computer cut stickers.

Specialty cut vinyls

Reflective Vinyl

Reflective stickers are unmatched for visibility at night. Want your signage to light up like christmas tree in the dark… its all about reflective vinyl.

Available in: white, yellow, red, blue & green

Fluorescent Vinyl

Fluoro cut stickers are designed to give you one very bright summer. While they are alive they will light up your world but don’t expect them to last more than a summer outdoors.

Available in: Yellow, pink, orange, red.

Chrome Vinyl

Make it oh so shiny you can see yourself with the chrome touch.

Available in: Shiny mirror gold or chrome mirror silver

Frosted Vinyl

Frosted stickers are a league of their own, they can be used for computer cut lettering & graphics or in full panels to cover an entire window. They produce a subtle, semi transparent finish full of style & class.


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