Cut / Transfer stickers - two colours

Custom cut/transfer stickers with no background in two solid colours & at the same finished size.


All prices are inclusive of GST

Cut stickers are shipped within 1-2 days. 

TWO COLOUR CUT: Multiple coloured cut/transfer stickers are created with each colour being cut on its own from a solid coloured vinyl. The top colour is then laid by hand (with a few signage tricks like light-boxes and registration marks) over the bottom colour.

CUSTOM SIZED STICKERS: Cut/Transfer stickers are custom made to any shape or size. The minimum text height for cut stickers is 20mm. There are limitations to how detailed a cut sticker can be for production. If you have any questions please contact us before ordering.

READY TO INSTALL: Cut/Transfer stickers are individually cut lettering and/or graphics with no background. The stickers are supplied with an application/transfer paper and ready to be installed as one sticker.

WATERPROOF STICKERS: Cut/Transfer stickers are cut from a pre-coloured PVC self adhesive vinyl. All vinyl is marine grade quality, waterproof and UV resistant.

LONG LIFE: Pre-coloured vinyl is the highest rated vinyl for withstanding excessive UV exposure, excessive heat and salt water. Vinyl is rated up to 8 years outdoors. 

PERFECT FOR: Window graphics, vehicle signs, windscreen stickers, boat names, machinery & equipment, truck graphics.



Cut/Transfer stickers can only be produced from a graphics/vector file. In order for the cutter to recognise where to cut all images and text must be an outline only and set with the correct colour profile for cutting. The process for setting up cut stickers is easy with the correct programs but impossible without them so we're removing the headache and will set up your file for you!

Please Note: It is not possible to create a cut sticker from a jpg, png or tiff without first converting the file into a vector image. A jpg, png or tiff image cannot be saved as a pdf and deemed ready for cutting as the original graphics file is required. If you need help with converting a file for cutting please email us directly at


You will receive your custom layout within 48 hours (Monday-Friday) the initial proof will include one layout option based on the information you have provided.

 Layout Exclusions:

  • Font matching
  • Colour matching
  • Sourcing/Downloading of images and/or logos (excluding social media icons)
  • Logo/File/Image conversion or vectorisation

Disclaimer: Stickerman Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to reject any layout works believed to be unsuitable for producing cut stickers. This includes but is not limited to files submitted in the incorrect format, text and/or images with too small detail. In the event at Stickerman rejects the layout work the client will be contacted prior to any works being started and will be provided with a custom quotation. In the event the client does not wish to proceed a full refund will be issued. 

Artwork Terms

No proof will be sent for artwork that is supplied as cut ready.

  • Artwork is to be provided as a single page cut ready PDF
  • If you have multiple versions they need to be provided as separate files
  • Work must be correctly sized 
  • Artwork must be submitted with NO printer trim marks
  • No bleed is required for cut/transfer stickers
  • Fonts must converted to outline
  • Cut line must be an outline only with no fill set to the correct colour profile
  • Any overlaps must be a united compound shape



Stickerman cannot be held responsible for any work produced with artwork that is not submitted in line with the artwork terms. By submitting orders with Stickerman you agree that all artwork is provided correctly and hereby release and indemnify Stickerman Australia Pty Ltd from any liability in respect to work affected by failure to comply with the required artwork terms.

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