Cut vinyl is a high quality pre-coloured PVC. Stickerman uses a marine grade Avery product which has a rating of up to 8 years outdoors, it is suitable for any smooth, flat or very sightly curved surface. Most commonly cut stickers are used for text and simple graphics such as shop windows, trading hours, registration/ID numbers, vehicle signage and boat names. 

As the vinyl is pre-coloured each colour is separately 'cut' with a tiny blade, the background is then manually removed (weeded) and an application/transfer paper is applied. Where more than 1 colour is required the seperate colours are laid on top of each other. 
Like all signage cut stickers have their positives and negatives... Most importantly the text and graphic cannot be too small, too detailed or too fine lined as the cut will not work. It is also only possible to create a cut stickers from a vector file. On the big plus side cut sticker vinyls have a never ending range of colours, finishes and effects... fluorescents, holographic, brushed metallics & reflective.